PART O – Overheating


Shading can have a massive impact as a passive solution to building energy use.


It has not generally not been realised and our mission has been to increase awareness.


Why now?


When energy was cheap it did not matter – it does now. Most of the science is simple and the introduction of Part O, that originated with the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, is finally recognising the benefits.


We have listed the types of information that Engineers, Architects, Project Managers and Site Managers need access to.


Dynamic solar shading should be incorporated as part of the building services. It is not a magic solution but properly integrated with ventilation and other services the improved performance will be realised

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  • Sustainable solutions to your shading problems.
  • Sustainable solutions to your shading problems.
Mandarin Design themandarinfish
  • Sustainable solutions to your shading problems.