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How do we ensure that our current systems and processes that we adopt as a planet can become more sustainable or at least remain as sustainable as they are?


A healthy environment and ecosystem is paramount for the survival of humans and other organisms that cohabit with us.


Ways of living more sustainably can take on many different forms from reorganising living conditions to changing work practices.


Hallmark Blinds are dedicated to providing sustainable energy solutions to the public. Through consultation we help design adjustments to individual and company lifestyles that in the long-term will help reduce resource consumption.


We are at the forefront of working on integrating shading solutions into buildings and architecture in order  to save the client money, time and most importantly to reduce energy consumption.


We work closely with other companies in the Industry as well as the glazing industry in order to provide up-to-date advise on queries that we receive. It is important to influence academic research as well as being involved in reviewing national and international law regarding shading.


Coloured Venetian Blind

Hallmark Blinds have been serving the Blind industry since 1969. We have been around for a long time and as a result have made some very interesting connections and worked with some very interesting clients.


Based in the centre of London we have excellent access to commercial properties within the countries capital.  However we don’t solely work with London firms and have regularly done national and international work.



We are manufacturers of a wide range of blinds for the contract market but specialise in products for more unusual applications. Naturally we are active members of our trade association, The British Blind and Shutter Association and abide by the Code of Conduct required of all members.


Hallmark Blinds supply the trade with components for our specialist products through our associated company Blind Trade Supplies Ltd,

Market Specialists

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We are not just good at giving out advice, we have years of experience with maintaining and installing all of the blinds that we feature on this website.


Our blinds are bespoke to your windows, roof lights or terraces. Whatever the application, we can accurately measure the area that needs shading and provide on site advice on the most suitable solution.


Contact us for a quote, or just to enquire.


We have provided maintenance and cleaning as well as installation to thousands of clients of which each job was different. We have collected a library of different scenarios over the years which has given us a unique position in the market, especially with interesting and challenging projects.


Have other companies told you that there isn't a solution to your over heating problem? Contact us to see if we can help.



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  • Sustainable solutions to your shading problems.
Coloured Venetian Blind
  • Sustainable solutions to your shading problems.
Coloured Venetian Blind
Mandarin Design themandarinfish
  • Sustainable solutions to your shading problems.