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Hallmark blinds have been advising the industry with their specialist knowledge for a very long time.


Their experience and expertise provides them with the opportunity to advise the correct products for the right application.


Our energy conscious approach means that we will help you choose the best solution to the problem that will give a long term reduction in costs and energy usage.

or Trojan?

We sell all different types of blinds but below are links our most popular specialist items. click on the picture to find out more.

Simple Solutions for big problems

Internal Blinds




Roller XXL is a fabric roller blind system designed for large areas of glass found mainly in commercial buildings. An extremely robust system provides excellent shading results

Our ever popular non retractable rooflight blind. It provides aesthetic beauty to your roof. It comes in a range of shapes to fit your needs and space.

The Titan blind is ideal for large windows that need robust yet attractive shading. They deliver an efficient shading solution that is durable and energy saving.

External Blinds




External shading is essential to prevent overheating in low energy and passive house buildings, Hemera external roller blinds can reduce solar gain by up to 90% a significant energy cost saving.

The external Techtonic non retractable rooflight blind is visually stunning, it will set your building aside from all of the others. Available to fit different shapes and sized openings. It is robust and helps keep energy costs down.

The Trojan external venetian blind  is the most effective moveable system for reducing solar heat gains as part of a sustainable shading system. They also reduce the need for artificial lighting as the louvres are adjustable and they can be retracted in overcast weather.

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  • Sustainable solutions to your shading problems.
  • Sustainable solutions to your shading problems.
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